Québec City Electoral District Association, QC

Christian Heritage Party

As we speak, approximately 400 unborn children are killed each day in Canada. On top of the serious issue of abortion, we also have to include all the sufferings of the mothers who are deceived and who are encouraged to kill, instead of giving them financial, psychological and moral support. We must also keep in mind all the attacks on marriage, that sanctuary of love and cradle of life, since all means are used (films, TV, radio, taxes, laws, etc.) to promote adultery, unmarried cohabitation, divorce, sodomy, contraception, etc.

Our society is attacked from all sides by a Culture of Death. We must react to and oppose this Culture of Death with what Pope John Paul II has so aptly called The Gospel of Life, based on Biblical principles.

The Christian Heritage Party is the only federal political party in Canada that is:

- pro-life (from conception to natural death);

- pro-family; and

- pro-God (the Preamble of our Canadian Constitution says "the supremacy of God and the rule of Law", which is the best starting point for the development of the policies and the governing of our Nation).

But that is just the first nugget in the mother lode of CHP policies. Check out our FAQ and our electoral platform!



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