Louis-Hebert Electoral District Association, QC

Christian Heritage Party

Get Involved!

Here are some suggestions for things you can do for your country:

1) Read the Bible, pray, go to church. To put it another way, virtuous citizens make a happy country [Mt 5:48].

2) Burn your novels and throw your TV out the window. Seriously, to govern, we need good information, and some spare time to acquire it. By and large, novels and TV suck up a lot of precious time, and tend to disinform more than anything else.

3) Become an active member of a good political party. Of course, our current recommendation is the Christian Heritage Party! See the "CHP Membership Information" to find out how to become a member.

4) Donate some time or money to your Electoral District Association. If you do give some money, make sure you trace it to ensure it is well spent!

5) Pass out some flyers. We're always looking for volunteers to pass out flyers from door to door, or at the entrances of churches, or at notable events, etc. See the Flyer section.