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1) Flyers to hand out

Warning: It's illegal to print and distribute political flyers, without tracing the monies involved! Rather, make a donation to your local EDA, then ask them for a stack of flyers equal to the value of your donation.

Why The Bloc Québécois? (HTML, MS-Word)
Challenge To The Bloc Québécois! (HTML, MS-Word)
Open Letter To My Bloquiste Candidate (HTML, MS-Word)
Let's Improve Our Democracy! (HTML, MS-Word)
(Flyers distributed during the federal election of May 2, 2011.)
Why should I bother with politics? (MS-Word, 150K)
(Approved by CHP National)
Challenge To Politicians In Louis-Hebert (HTML, MS-Word)
(Approved by CHP National)
Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-God
(MS-Word. 180K. Not yet approved by CHP National)

2) Speeches, TV and Radio

#1 2-minute TV spot by Ron Gray (2005-Dec-19)
#2 2-minute TV spot by Ron Gray (2005-Dec-19)

3) Letters, e-mails

Lawsuit Against The Quebec-Solidaire Political Party?
A Letter to the Editor by Ron Gray (2006-Jan-02)
Small Complaint To The Quebec Press Council

4) Finances

These documents are not the official forms, but our worksheets (hence, they are not verbose nor difficult to understand!)

EDA Finances, 2007 (MS-Excel file)
EDA Finances, 2006 (MS-Excel file)
2006-Jan-23 Electoral Campaign (MS-Excel file)

5) Other

Small Complaint To CHP National About Web Page Invoice For 2015-Oct-19 Elections (2015-October-03)
Suggested Resolution For the 2008 CHP National Convention (2008-April-13)
Only good manners needed in "the Diouf incident" (2006-May-16)
Tribute to Mr. Ron Gray, ex-Leader of the CHP (2008-Nov-07)

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