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Let's Improve Our Democracy!


Here are a few easy improvements we suggest:

- Canadians can start voting before the deadline to submit a Candidate's Nomination Papers to Elections Canada! How can the best candidate be chosen, if they're not all known? Let's delay the advance poll by a few days!

- The Government takes money out of your wallet, to give it only to the big political parties! These grants are proportional to votes obtained, except if you get less than 5% of the votes! Therefore we pay to hinder the appearance of new political parties... Not surprising that voters complain there are too many signs along the roads, and not enough new names on the ballots! Let's eliminate those subsidies; we pay enough taxes as it is!

- The Elections Canada web site (which otherwise is excellent) gives the phone number of each candidate, but not his web site. By adding this information, voters could more easily do their duty of scrutinizing the positions of each candidate!

Let's Talk Democracy!

Christian Heritage Party of Canada

Daniel Arseneault (Louis-St-Laurent)
Marie-Claude Bouffard (Louis-Hébert)
Simon Cormier (Charlesbourg - Haute-St-Charles)
Anne-Marie Genest (Beauport - Limoilou)
Stefan Jetchick (Québec)

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