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Open Letter To My Bloquiste Candidate

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Good day,

My name is ________________________, and I'm one of the Christian Heritage Party candidates who are running against the Bloc Québécois in Quebec City during this 41st Canadian federal election. I have a few things to tell you before I officially start my electoral campaign.

First, be assured of my prayers for the health and happiness of you and your family. Politics sometimes seems like a contact sport, but these hits have to be between ideas, not between persons! If ever I should be guilty of any violation of that great democratic principle during my campaign, I apologize in advance. My goal is not to attack you personally, but to attack political opinions which appear to me as being harmful to Canada.

Second, in the name of transparency, I'm sending you a copy of our flyers which talk about the Bloc Québécois, and which we are going to distribute during this campaign. Please tell us if these flyers contain errors, so we can fix them.

Third, don't imagine that we disagree with everything the Bloc Québécois says, and don't imagine either that we think all other political parties are perfect, and that only the Bloc Québécois has shortcomings!

Have a good campaign, and may the most reasonable win!

Let's Talk Democracy!

Christian Heritage Party of Canada

Daniel Arseneault (Louis-St-Laurent)
Marie-Claude Bouffard (Louis-Hébert)
Simon Cormier (Charlesbourg - Haute-St-Charles)
Anne-Marie Genest (Beauport - Limoilou)
Stefan Jetchick (Québec)

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