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Challenge To Politicians In Louis-Hebert!

1) Actual challenge

Do you have the courage to come to Laval University for a debate on abortion?

For over 20 years now, Canada has given no protection to preborn children. Anybody can kill any preborn child, for any reason, from conception to birth (as long as the baby is not completely out of the birth canal).

How can the Bloc Québécois claim to defend the rights of Quebec, if over 42% of québécois children are killed before seeing the light of day?

How can the New Democratic Party (NDP) of Canada claim to defend the rights of unionized workers, if it doesn't dare show a bit of solidarity with the 110 000 preborn children who are killed each year in Canada?

How can the Green Party of Canada claim to have the courage of standing up to the rich and powerful companies, which prowl around the arena of globalisation, if they are afraid of a little democratic debate, done in front of Laval University students?

How can the Liberal Party of Canada claim to be immigrant-friendly, if the children of those same immigrants are in danger of death, because they try to enter into Canada through the birth canal, rather than by plane or by boat?

How can the Conservative Party of Canada claim to love honesty and transparency, if it doesn't dare to clearly defend its position on abortion during a democratic debate?

And if all the candidates cower away, who will defend the rights of women?

Stefan Jetchick, candidate in Louis-Hebert
Christian Heritage Party of Canada

2) Candidate's answers

For the answers, or non-answers, see the web page of all candidates.

3) Answers to some objections

3.1) "The issue of abortion isn't important, therefore there's no use talking about it."

What is the most important issue? Well-paved roads? Zero deficit? Depolluted watercourses? All these things are important, but you'll agree that human rights are more important. Good roads, balanced budgets and protected environments are important, because human persons need them! In any society, human rights are fundamental.

Now, what is the most fundamental human right? How can you have a healthy person, or a person who has a well-payed job, or a person with lots of freedom of expression, if you don't have a person? The most fundamental right is of course the right to life.

The issue of abortion is important, because the right to life is fundamentally fundamental; it's doubly fundamental for any society.

3.2) "A respectful and constructive debate on abortion is impossible, so no use trying."

Impossible? According to whom? Are you an expert on debates?

According to our research, there never has been a debate on abortion in Canada, strictly speaking. To see which definition of the word "debate" we use to assert such a thing, see (warning, this link will take you to a web site totally unrelated to the Christian Heritage Party) Abortion: Have We Done Our Homework?

3.3) "So what if abortion is a crucial issue, and if there's never been a real debate about it? The case is closed, the deal is done, so there is no use reopening old wounds."

Let's assume for the sake of the argument that abortion is good, and that parents really do have a right to assassinate their own children. Even if we make that crazy assumption, it would still be a good idea to have a good debate on abortion.

If you weed your garden perfectly, does that mean you'll never have to weed it again? Of course not! Gardens are living beings. Same with societies. Even if you consider pro-life arguments to be so wrong that they are like weeds, you still have to weed out those errors on a regular basis. And the best intellectual weeding tool is a good democratic debate. That way you can pull out the pro-life arguments, expose them to broad daylight, analyse them, then refute them.

We are not afraid to subject our pro-life arguments to this democratic test. Are you afraid that your pro-choice arguments are too weak to stand the test of public scrutiny?


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