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Challenge To The Bloc Québécois!

Unborn baby

Did you know that, as we speak in Canada, anybody can kill any unborn child for any reason, from conception until the baby's left foot comes out of its mother's birth canal?

Moreover, each time we invited representatives of the Bloc Québécois to a respectful and scientific debate on this topic, they refused. Nevertheless, we could set this up easily! Laval University could lend us a hall, and suggest some Science teachers (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math) as referees. The Media would certainly be happy to record everything on video. Finally, the ground rule of this debate would be: "The first one to invoke a religious belief, loses!"

Without serious debates about important issues, a democracy cannot survive!

Let's Talk Democracy!

Christian Heritage Party of Canada

Daniel Arseneault (Louis-St-Laurent)
Marie-Claude Bouffard (Louis-Hébert)
Simon Cormier (Charlesbourg - Haute-St-Charles)
Anne-Marie Genest (Beauport - Limoilou)
Stefan Jetchick (Québec)

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