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A Letter to the Editor by Ron Gray (2006-Jan-02)

In 2006, Canadians must seriously consider political alternatives. And Christians must shake off their apathy - one survey says that 52% of Christians failed to vote in 2004 - and fulfill their duty to God and country.

This is a turbulent time in federal politics - the sort of time during which radical changes are possible.

Both the big parties' recent statements sound as though they expect majorities. But both are whistling past the graveyard. The Liberals will be punished for betraying the public's trust, and the Conservatives can at best hope for only a minority: for two decades they have nurtured hostility towards Quebec, and that legacy now prevents the needed break-through in la belle Province.

In this circumstance, voters ought to consider seriously the possible impact on the two big parties if we vote for a party that is based on principles, rather than pragmatism.

It is pointless to consider the NDP, which is still ideologically committed to the failed socialist policies of the past; rather, I urge everyone to consider the CHP, Canada's only pro-life, pro-family federal party, and the only party that has a plan for curtailing the political activism of the Supreme Court.

Every vote for the CHP will compel the bigger parties to consider seriously the crucial moral issues that will shape the nation we pass on to our children. Continuing the moral relativism of the past half-century would doom them to further social, moral and economic catastrophes - we must convince politicians that the grass-roots of Canada demand change... and Christians must tell the big old parties that we will no longer be taken for granted.

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