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#1 2-minute TV spot

In this election campaign, slogans and promises abound. Party leaders are shoveling money off the back of the truck, competing with each other to bribe you with your own money.

But what is this election really about?

It's about imagining a better future - and planning for it. It's about deciding what kind of nation our children and their children will live in - and protecting what we've inherited.

Canada is supposed to be a parliamentary democracy guided by a Constitution. But in the last half-century, we've seen an on-going power struggle between unelected advisors in the Prime Minister's Office, and unelected judges - accountable to no one - who believe they know better than you how your life should be run.

Increasingly, the result has been the confiscation of your income and the curtailment of your liberties by a nanny-state... and the almost-complete destruction of Parliament's exclusive law-making authority.

And none of the four parties now in Parliament has shown the courage to defend democracy and Canada's Constitution.

For nearly 20 years, the Christian Heritage Party has been warning Canadians about the dangers of this power struggle.

Ten years ago, your CHP put forward plans to curtail the Prime Minister's power.

Four years ago your CHP proposed a plan to restrain the courts from violating the Constitution by changing the laws and even changing the Constitution itself. We offered these plans to the Opposition and to the Cabinet. They were ignored.

Only the CHP offers you a voice in government that is pro-life, pro-family, and pro-democracy. That's why I urge you to support your CHP candidate...

This time, vote CHP. See how we're different. Visit www.chp.ca or call toll-free 888-vote chp

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