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#2 2-minute TV spot

Isn't it odd that the main argument about child-care in this election seems to be whether parents or the government can choose the best day-care centre?

Whatever happened to the idea that parents should raise their own children?

Research shows that parent-care is better, and most parents would prefer to raise their own children - if they could afford to.

In a recent study by the Vanier Institute, Canadian parents were asked to rank several child-care options: parent-care came first; institutional day care, the kind promoted by all other parties came dead last.

Parents don't want it. Research has shown that it's not as good for children. So what's the rush by all the parties now in Parliament to warehouse Canada's children? Is it just to get more parents into the work-force so the government can tax more income?

The CHP has a simple plan, one that would not add to the tax burden, as all the other plans would.

The CHP's Family-Friendly Tax Credit would provide a $1,000-a-month tax credit to the family if either parent chooses to stay home and raise their own children.

The children would get better care. Families would be strengthened.

And one and a half to two million existing jobs would be vacated, cutting unemployment almost in half - and reducing EI and welfare pay-outs by more than the revenue from the tax credit.

Now, doesn't that really make more sense?

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