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Why The Bloc Québécois?

Shock The Bloc

The Bloc Québécois is not a federal political party worthy of the name. The Bloc Québécois doesn't have in mind the Common Good of all Canadians. It's just a regional faction which targets only its own interests to the detriment of those of the others. What would you think about a father who gave food and clothing to only one of his many children?

The Bloc Québécois can't even give independance to the Québécois people! First, it's mathematically impossible for it to win federal elections. Second, it's not by begging for one's independance in Ottawa that one becomes a strong and free people! The Bloc Québécois is like a perpetual teenager who lives in his parent's basement. Once in a while, he starts rumors of independance, and talks about getting a haircut and a real job, but finally he prefers the free room and board in Ottawa!

Let's Talk Democracy!

Christian Heritage Party of Canada

Daniel Arseneault (Louis-St-Laurent)
Marie-Claude Bouffard (Louis-Hébert)
Simon Cormier (Charlesbourg - Haute-St-Charles)
Anne-Marie Genest (Beauport - Limoilou)
Stefan Jetchick (Québec)

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