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Lawsuit Against The Quebec-Solidaire Political Party?

The Quebec-Solidaire provincial political party
The Quebec-Solidaire provincial political party

1) Warning

Currently (2007-October-12), there is no lawsuit against the Quebec-Solidaire provincial political party. In a civilized society, we must first think and engage in dialogue, and after, in certain cases only, start actions before the courts.

Please send your comments, questions, advice, to Stefan Jetchick, Financial Agent for the Louis-Hebert Electoral District Association, CHP.

2) Questions

This document is, for the time being, a public reflexion about the following questions:

2.1) Should we take Quebec-Solidaire to court, following their endorsment of the racist anti-Christian demonstration that took place in Quebec City 2007-October-07?

2.2) If so, before which court? Civil? Human Rights?

2.3) If so, by whom? The Christian Heritage Party (National)? The Christian Heritage Party (Louis-Hébert EDA)? The Catholic Civil Rights League (CCRL)? The Organizing committee of Quebec Pro-Life? An ad hoc coalition?

2.4) If not, after what remedial measures taken by Quebec-Solidaire should we abandon the lawsuit? A public letter of apology sent to all newspapers in the Province of Quebec? A promise to organize themselves next year's pro-choice counter-demonstration, so as to keep it respectful and civilized? A promise to participate in the pro-choice/pro-life debate which should occur next year, before the Life Chain? All of the above? More? Less?

3) Basis for the complaint

The elements of the complaint are all described in the report called The Quebec City Life Chain (2007-October-07). To make it clearer, you just need to substitute a homosexual, or a Jew, or an Afro-American, everywhere a Christian is mentioned, and one can see right away that the complaint is justified:

3.1) Sign saying: "If Mary had known about abortion, we would have had fewer problems", which is semantically equivalent to: "DEATH TO JESUS!" (clearly visible on several pictures, many of them taken by the pro-choicers themselves and placed copyright-free on their own web site).

3.2) Flyer with an explicit graphic showing a Christian (wearing a large Cross on his chest) being kicked below the belt. This flyer was handed out to everybody (both pro-lifers and pro-choicers) by the pro-choicers, during the demonstration, including the including motorists stopped at the traffic light. (We have one of those flyers, and several eyewitnesses of their broad distribution and their contents.)

3.3) Written endorsement of the demonstration by Quebec-Solidaire, on the said flyer. Confirmed also by Internet reports, like: "Apart from the libertarians, a good delegation of Quebec-Solidaire, only political organization unassociated to the libertarian Left to have officially approved the action, was present" [«Chaîne de la vie»: cinq fois plus de pro-choix que d'anti-avortement!, downloaded 2007-October-12 at 16h47], or the Internet copy of the wording of the flyer, including the graphic mentioned in #3.2 here above [Appel à une contre-manifestation pro-choix, downloaded 2007-October-12 at 16h51].

3.4) The general atmosphere of the whole pro-choice counter-demonstration, which was clearly anti-Christian (see any eyewitness of the event).

4) Mailing list

Québec solidaire
7105, St-Hubert bureau 304
Montréal, Qc
H2S 2N1
info (add the at sign)

Catholic Civil Rights League
120 Eglinton Ave. East, Suite 500
Toronto ON
M4P 1E2
(416) 466-8244

Christian Heritage Party (National)
P.O. Box 4958
Station E
Ottawa, ON
K1S 5J1

Quebec Human Rights Tribunal
(La Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse)
575, rue Saint-Amable
Bureau 4.31
Québec (Québec)
G1R 6A7
(418) 643-1872
quebec (add the at sign)

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