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Resolution For the 2008 CHP National Convention

1) Actual wording (slightly modified by the CHP Policy and Constitution Resolution Committee)

1) WHEREAS the inerrant Word of God says: "The invisible things of Him are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made" [Romans, 1:20],

2) WHEREAS the truth of some parts of the Bible are knowable by both Faith and Reason, among others the Ten Commandments, which are an overview of Natural Law,

3) WHEREAS we need not fear deviant philosophies based on corrupt reason, since we will always "believe there is one Creator God [...] We believe the Holy Bible to be the inspired, inerrant written Word of God [etc...]" (Constitution, Article A 2-Principles),

4) WHEREAS the CHP does not seek to impose a theocracy (in the sense of a Government where non-Christians are excluded), since the fundamental principles of good government (i.e. "Natural Law") are knowable by all citizens of good will, whether or not they have already received Jesus Christ as their personal saviour,

5) BE IT RESOLVED the following sixth paragraph be added to Article A-2 as subsection (d) of our Constitution and to the CHP membership pledge form:

6) We all believe the five preceding clauses, but some of us know (and can prove using reason alone) that God exists, that we have a spiritual and immortal soul, that what we call "Biblical principles" are an overview of Natural Law, which itself must be the basis for all civil law, and that Natural Law condemns abortion, sodomy, theft, rape, perjury, etc.

François Labrecque, CEO
Louis Casgrain
Francis Denis
Stefan Jetchick

For a more detailed explanation of the rationale behind this Resolution, see Section 7: "7) The meaning of "Biblical principles" on which are based civil laws", in the article called:
"Does The CHP Want To Establish A Theocracy?"

2) E-mail from the CHP Policy and Constitution Resolution Committee

-----Original Message-----
From: Vicki Gunn ED CHP
Sent: 8 septembre 2008 23:45
To: CHP Louis Hebert (QC) Stefan Jetchick
Subject: Fwd: re Quebec resolution

Hi Stefan

You'll be pleased to see below.


********** Forwarded message **********
From: Apex Productions <apex3d (add at sign)>
Date: Mon, Sep 8, 2008 at 11:32 PM
Subject: re Quebec resolution
To: Vickie Gunn CHP Executive Dir <ExecutiveDirector (put at sign)>

Dear Vicki
Please inform the Quebec members of our decision to forward
their resolution to the convention in the format
below. No further consideration will be given to any further
changes or amendments.

Response to Louis-Hebert EDA September 8, 2008

Dear CHP Friends

Thank you for the clarification of your resolution by providing
us with the motivation for your resolution formulated in the
following four points known as the "whereas" part.

We agree that your resolution deserves a hearing at the
convention floor and have therefore formulated it as follows:

[See above. The only changes from our suggested resolution
are the references to the specific parts of the CHP
Constitution which would need to be changed if the resolution
was adopted.]

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